What Are The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking?

In this article we are going to talk about what social bookmarking is and why business owners should include this in their online marketing strategy. First of all we will briefly discuss what it is, and then we will talk about the benefits it can bring to businesses. After reading this article, you are then strongly recommended to use this strategy to promote your website.

What is social bookmarking and why is it important?

Social bookmarking services help users to collect and share their favorite websites online. This is very similar to the “My Favorites” function, which will save your favorite websites on your computer. The key difference is that your favorite websites will be saved online, instead of being saved in your computer.

Because of this service, users do not have to bring their own computer out with them or be afraid of losing those websites when their computer has a problem. Those websites are stored online and can be accessed when they login to the social bookmarking website.

The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking

Here are some benefits of bookmarking websites openly by other users:

It shares information of a website to other people, including what the website is about and what they think about it. It also includes information about what other websites are similar to this one. If someone wants to know what kind of websites they should go to when he wants to find certain information, a social bookmarking site would be a good starting point.

Another benefit is that it allows people to share their favorite websites. In other words, they can share their favorite websites with their friends, family, or other people with the same interests as them. There are often times when you cannot find good information from a search engine. In this situation you can search on those sites and see who has the information you want.

Finally, social bookmarking sites can save people a lot of time and effort for finding, organizing and sharing websites. From a marketing point of view, bookmarking your website is also an easy and free way of getting traffic.

The Benefits Of Social Bookmarking, From A Marketing Point Of View

The immediate benefit of bookmarking your website is that you have a link pointing to your website. Some of the social bookmarking websites have very high authority, which means that those sites are trusted by a lot of people. A link from those sites is very powerful in order to obtain a higher ranking.

Another obvious benefit is getting traffic. It is especially true for well-known bookmarking websites. There are times when someone bookmarks a website, a lot of people suddenly surge to that site and therefore that site cannot handle such a large volume of traffic. Provided that you have good and interesting information, it is not difficult to get immediate traffic.

Fast Social Bookmarking – 3 Reliable Methods to Increase Your Social Bookmarking Popularity

Participating in a social bookmarking site is probably one of the best methods to increase traffic to your site. Traffic coming from these sites is highly targeted, meaning only those who are really interested in your products and services will click your link, bookmark and tag your site, and share it with their network and friends. Social bookmarking sites can be considered as one stop links shop. It is where you can store, display and share your links and favorite bookmarks. You can find numerous links posted by other people which you can get and use whenever you like. Other users can also get and use your links or add it to their collections. Here are 3 reliable methods to increase traffic and attain fast social bookmarking popularity:

1. Always produce articles broken down into numbered list. You can write about Tips, Methods, and Advices on any topic as long as it is formatted into a numbered list. Social bookmarking site users are very fond of these types of articles and it will surely get bookmarked and saved by other people.

2. Create a very catchy title for your content and put it in the description box. There’s no harm in putting a little hype in your title for this will surely get the attention of readers. However, make sure that your title really incorporates the main idea of your content.

3. Be sure to produce content that will motivate your visitors. Contents about success and achievements are highly bookmarked in these sites. Write about your experiences in these areas and you can get an avalanche of highly sympathetic visitors.

Social bookmarking is a very recent internet practice and its popularity among web users is increasing impressively. You can use it to direct targeted traffic to your site. And the more traffic you generate can only mean increased sales and income.

Ways to Earn with Social Bookmarking

Bookmarking is a feature that has long been in use by many internet users. It is used in marking a link or a web page for easy referencing, more of a personal thing. But with social bookmarking, you are actually marking that link because some other people are able to see the marks that you have placed on a specific website, thus comes “socialization”. Social Bookmarking is capable of generating income to internet users. Below are some of the ways on how a website becomes beneficial with social boomarking.

o Bookmark that widely spreads. It is this simple. When a person socially bookmarks your personal website on his own machine, that person actually shares your site not only with himself but to all people that are able to see his personal site – thus, social bookmarking. It becomes a vicious cycle of social bookmarking because the person who did socially bookmark your site will also have friends who may do the same thing.

o Links that spread. A website usually has links on it to advertise his or other people’s products. Social boomarking is a perfect avenue for an online business person because every site that contains links which were actually socially bookmarked will surely generate more visits and traffic.

o Repetitive Visits. The more social bookmarkings you have, the better because that ensure more and more repeated visitors thereby would mean more traffic on your website. In order for a re-visiting to be done, you have give these people a reason why they should do so.

A Social Bookmarking Guide for Beginners

Today I want to put together a social bookmarking guide for beginners, going over the basic things you need to know before going into this aspect of ebusiness. First of all, a definition: Social bookmarking is a way to share your own and other’s content with people on a website such as Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon or delicious. This is done by marking content on these websites so that others can then read it, comment on it and vote on it.

Social bookmarking is useful for three reasons: because it can boost your company’s reputation if you have great content, dramatically increase its traffic and, in the few cases where the bookmarking site has a dofollow strategy, it will generate backlinks to your own website which can really help with your search engine rankings. But remember, most great social bookmark sites have a nofollow policy, which means that Google will not really count the links on those sites towards yours in order to count rankings.

Remember that bookmarking sites are not places to dump all of your content into. Indeed, this is a very bad strategy. First, because not all your content is newsworthy. You should be able to discern what your best content is and share only that – it will be good for your reputation. Second, because if you only submit your own content and not other people’s, you will rightly be considered a spammer. Check out other sites and also share the great content they have to offer.

And I know this seems silly, but bookmarking sites are growing really weary of ‘bad’ users: spammers and people who do not understand their rules. Take a while to get to know a site before you start posting, submit news to the correct categories (which is also in the interest of your news items) and comment and participate like everybody else does. Not following these indications may lead to you getting banned from a site, which is easier on social bookmarking websites than perhaps on any other kind of sites. Always remember this.

Finally, my advice is to participate as much as you can in sites you submit your content to. Create a community for your niche, engage your users in conversations and become a giver, not a publicity hog. In the long run, you will see that this strategy is solid, doesn’t take up too much time and really helps your reputation, which at the same time will contribute to boosting your sales and making your clients loyal. You just need to take one thing into account: don’t be pushy, don’t act as a business owner. Business is for your website, and social bookmarking sites are for sharing content and information.