Advantages and Limitations of Social Networks

If you are new to Social networking you would appreciate its reach and enormous business possibilities that it can generate. Social media can provide one stop shop for your online social needs. However there could be circumstances where you would not like the business model of the social bookmarking networks.

Let us explore some of the advantages and drawbacks of the social bookmarking media.

Advantages of Social Networking:

  • Users can save their favorite pages online and revisit them anytime
  • Sharing the bookmarks with friends and family increases its reach
  • A social media network can help increase the page rank and traffic for a website
  • You can rank your bookmarks
  • SEO can be done through bookmarks. The page gets indexed in search engines in no time.
  • A tag or category based classification makes it easier for people to assign and search the content when needed.
  • A Social bookmarking account acts like a one stop shop containing all your online bookmarks. Hence it results in easy management and tracking.

However, there are some of the obvious disadvantages associated with social media networks and these are discussed as below:

  • As no standard set of keywords are associated with a type of content, searching for quality content and stories become an issue.
  • Social bookmarking sites are also associated with lots of spammy stories. Which a user can publish.
  • Some people can end up submitting duplicate stories and content on different social bookmarking sites. Hence the overall user experience can become negative.

Social networks work best when they are optimized with correct set of tags and keywords. They are search engine friendly and indexing can occur within minutes once you submit a story. To get best results ensure that your content is valuable and if possible unique.