How to Save Time in Manual Submission to the Social Bookmarking Sites

If you are busy with various activities of online business then you might feel apprehensive to submit articles manually to all the recognized social bookmarking sites as manual submission is time-consuming and arduous. However, you know that manual submission is the safest option and it brings more success than automatic submission. The volume of traffic that would come to your site if you submit manually is also high. Now you are confused about what to do. In this scenario you can employ certain techniques that would help you to save time with your manual submission process.

(1) Select the most popular and important sites – When you have shortage of time you should pick and choose the ones that are going to serve your purpose. It is important to identify your niche accurately. Some of the popular social bookmarking sites are Facebook,, Digg, StumbleUpon, etc. There is another site, named Sphinn, which is also recommended by experienced SEO specialists. Nowadays video marketing has also become very popular as webmasters are discovering its efficacy in promoting any product or service. YouTube is a name that everyone knows, and it is considered to be a very powerful social networking website for videos.

(2) Use an automatic submitter with manual follow-up – In order to reduce your time, you can complete your first step of article submission with the aid of automated social bookmarking submitter. You must be certain that the quality of articles submitted is of premium quality. Only then can you increase your as well as your website’s popularity. To ensure that the articles have been properly submitted, you need to perform the follow-up manually.

You can also pursue directory submission along with the abovementioned techniques. It is worth mentioning that directory submission has been used for building links since a long time. If you are not too experienced in directory submission you can take assistance of creditable companies for submitting to various directories.